Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to the Greenhouse Future

Science authoritarians make a mockery of truth, science and morality. Because of Government-funding a consensus of academics who are lost to reason have been created. They do not want to hear about anything that is contrary to a host of beliefs that they are no longer able to defend. It is now impossible for any of them face the fact that nothing they have done has made a worthwhile contribution to society.

Everybody is focussing on CO2 whereas the real cause of global warming is the heat being emitted from our energy use. It is not even necessary to include CO2 in our projections

So, in summary there is no evidence that the continued increase in human emission of CO2 has diminished the capacity of significant portion of the emitted CO2 from being absorbed by what are still unknown elements of the environment.

The global warming alarmists’ GCMs have no forecasting ability because they erroneously calculate a doomsday scenario for one purpose only: to blame capitalism and Americanism for a non-existent problem.

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