Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tracking the line between treatment and diagnosis

Well, you have to give Trenberth credit for organising so many signatories from his perch on the SS Groupthink!

My biggest gripe about the likes of Trenberth and all the assorted fellow believers is that their attitude is one reminiscent of the high priesthood. We are the experts. We know what is going to happen. We should decide what everyone should do.

k scott denison

Are your senses so fogged by your faith in CAGW that you can’t hear the warning signs of a group of desperate, control-seeking elites?

Except the analysis is pretty much statistics and programming, and climate scientists aint qualified specialists either of those disciplines.

That is where I perceive that the true problem with climate science lies.

I think they are technicians, and unqualified to interpret and understand the data, but that is exactly what they have been attempting to do.

Trenberth and his team has no more credibility than doctors who routinely diagnose active children as being needful of psychiatric drugs.And has a cozy relationship with the drug company pushing the drugs.