Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to the Greenhouse Future

Science authoritarians make a mockery of truth, science and morality. Because of Government-funding a consensus of academics who are lost to reason have been created. They do not want to hear about anything that is contrary to a host of beliefs that they are no longer able to defend. It is now impossible for any of them face the fact that nothing they have done has made a worthwhile contribution to society.

Everybody is focussing on CO2 whereas the real cause of global warming is the heat being emitted from our energy use. It is not even necessary to include CO2 in our projections

So, in summary there is no evidence that the continued increase in human emission of CO2 has diminished the capacity of significant portion of the emitted CO2 from being absorbed by what are still unknown elements of the environment.

The global warming alarmists’ GCMs have no forecasting ability because they erroneously calculate a doomsday scenario for one purpose only: to blame capitalism and Americanism for a non-existent problem.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Climate for Corruption

The climate “authorities” are criminal tyrants, on every level–first and foremost the activist, alarmist scientists, whose incompetent “science” underlies the political fraud. Others say the agenda is to control the world; I only say it is an agenda guaranteed to produce World War III (and I am beginning to seriously think it may be a deliberate incitement of just that end).

Scratch an old hippie and you get a recycled old commie cloaking anti-capitalism in green robes.

...So stop your hopeless struggle to win back your eco-sincure, Michael, and just accept your new-found, permanent, pariah status among your former, fair-weather enviro-cronies. I mean, like, as you know better than me, Michael, it is futile to oppose the hive’s fads and purges once its Stalinist, collectivist, group-think mind is made up and the winners of its latest, back-stabbing power-play–the empowered, pale-face-phobic man-haters in the most recent example–are on a roll...
The climate “authorities” are criminal tyrants, on every level–first and foremost the activist, alarmist scientists, whose incompetent “science” underlies the political fraud. Others say the agenda is to control the world; I only say it is an agenda guaranteed to produce World War III (and I am beginning to seriously think it may be a deliberate incitement of just that end).

...AGW is about imposing a leftist, green ideology first and foremost on the entire world.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Heartburn at Heartland

To noise with spectacular indifference about any sort of methodological or moral equivalence between honest skeptics and lying Watermelons does such violence to the concept of morality itself that it is beneath contempt.
On the the contrary. When the “labels” fit, when they point out just how loathsome, just how evil, just how rotten these AGW fraudsters are and have always been, there should be no holding back, no restraint, no respite.
Hammer the message home, keep hammering, and never let up.
When the popular perception of these “Never let a crisis go to waste” leftist pseudoscientists is such that they find themselves at risk of physical assault whenever and wherever they show themselves in public, we can slack off.

Now, one might think that someone so vociferous on the tone of the 'debate', might be quite mortified to find their blog a breeding ground for such violent rhetoric.

Well, you'd be mistaken.

In response to a complaint about the above;

Well Tucci78 is regarded as high entertainment by many of the regulars here. Not so much accepting his sentiments, as being entertained by his presentation of them.

Week in review 5/18/12

And if a physicist who was a holocaust survivor dare express his opinion about AGW, let's suggest he might have been a Nazi collaborator.

 I’ve been getting just a bit impatient with the whole “denier” business and Professor Tomkiewicz’s stunt has finally pushed my tolerance for this sort of contemptible crap over the edge.
So Professor Tomkiewicz is a holocaust survivor who is “uniquely positioned”–by virtue of his holocaust survivor-status–to brand anyone that disputes the CAGW clap-trap as a Hitler-denier? Well, maybe, but let’s inquire into the Professor’s credentials just a little bit more before we buy into the whole deal. According to the good Professor’s wiki bio, he was six years old at the time of his liberation from the camps. So why did the Nazis, bent on the destruction of the Jewish people, in the desperate final months of the war, amidst the vast privations visited on their own “Aryan” population by an allied blockade and bombing campaign, choose to feed, clothe, and shelter a Jewish tyke with no possible value, slave-labor or otherwise, to their war-effort? Sorry, I need an answer to that question before I swoon over the good Professor’s “credentials” and concede to him, as an “entitlement,” a free-fire use of “denier” smears and Hitler associations to pump the CAGW scam 


Climate science in public schools

Referring to some school kids using the courts to address their concerns about climate change, we get this;

Look how angry these children look. They have been manipulated and deceived into being the equivalent of child suicide bombers. I wonder what they think of the 10:10 video?

 Not to be outdone in the crazy stakes;

2] pedophile can damage the brains and future of 2-3-7 children. That is bad; but compare with damaging the brains of all the western children in school – brainwashing them that; they can stop the climate from changing.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tracking the line between treatment and diagnosis

Well, you have to give Trenberth credit for organising so many signatories from his perch on the SS Groupthink!

My biggest gripe about the likes of Trenberth and all the assorted fellow believers is that their attitude is one reminiscent of the high priesthood. We are the experts. We know what is going to happen. We should decide what everyone should do.

k scott denison

Are your senses so fogged by your faith in CAGW that you can’t hear the warning signs of a group of desperate, control-seeking elites?

Except the analysis is pretty much statistics and programming, and climate scientists aint qualified specialists either of those disciplines.

That is where I perceive that the true problem with climate science lies.

I think they are technicians, and unqualified to interpret and understand the data, but that is exactly what they have been attempting to do.

Trenberth and his team has no more credibility than doctors who routinely diagnose active children as being needful of psychiatric drugs.And has a cozy relationship with the drug company pushing the drugs.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Assessing climate data record transparency and maturity


Many working scientists seem to feel that just because they are working as scientists, they have some special access to the truth. It is more like priesthood than science. Instead of the facts speaking for themselves, the public is supposed to accept information just because of who it comes from.

Many religions soon establish a ‘priesthood’ who reserve for themselves the arduous (and profitable) task of interpreting God’s Will....The catastrophic AGW movement has all the same characteristics.


it seems to be implicit in a number of the comments here that temperature can be averaged in some kind of meaningful scientific way. My understanding is that the starting point is that temperature cannot be averaged.